Weather Systems

Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows


A SKSE Plugin that dynamically adjusts the "fSunDirXExtreme" game setting to ensure better synchronization between sun shadows and the sun.

Main FilesDynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows

Cathedral Weathers and Seasons


The Cathedral Concept is a comprehensive visual overhaul for Skyrim. It is performance friendly, consisting mostly of retextures, improved models, and lighting modifications so that you can use it as a foundation without having to worry extensively about compatibility.

Main FilesCathedral - WeathersUpdate FilesCathedral Weathers Unofficial Update

Cathedral Weathers MCM


This adds an MCM menu to the Cathedral Weathers mod. The options available in the spell configuration menu are also available in the MCM Menu.

Main FilesCathedral Weathers MCM

Cathedral Weathers Snow Patch


Some of the cloudy weather in Cathedral Weathers it type snowy.

Main FilesCathedral Weather Snow Patch

Real Rain SE


Real Rain will make you run for cover and get a dovahbrella :D.

Main FilesRealRain 3.2

Lucid Rain - for Cathedral Weathers and Seasons


Rain that is denser and more visible for Cathedral Weathers and Seasons.

Main FilesLucid Rain

Obsidian Mountain Fogs


Increases the volumetric mountain clouds providing both depth and mystery to the mountain ranges of Skyrim.

Main FilesObsidian Mountain Fogs

Storm Lightning for SSE and VR (Minty Lightning 2019)


This is a remake of Minty's Lightning mod as an SKSE plugin. The purpose of this mod is stability and scalability. It can summon up to 50 sheet lightnings and 50 fork lightnings per second and up to 31 cells distance. This results in a more natural and enjoyable storm experience.

Main FilesStorm Lightning for SSE and VR - Fomod Installer

Wonders of Weather


Adds rain splashes, rainbows, and shooting stars to the world of Skyrim for a more immersive weather experience.

Main FilesWonders of Weather

WoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix


Fixes CTDs that occur near Dragon Mounds during rain when using the mod Wonders of Weather.

Main FilesWoW Dragon Mounds CTD FixOptional FilesWoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix - Wyrmstooth Patch

ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition


Ethereal Clouds is a lore-friendly retexture of the clouds of Skyrim.

Main FilesETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition - 2K

ENB Related Files

ENB Helper SE


This is a SKSE64 plugin that currently enables weather system in ENB.

Main FilesENB Helper SE 1.5 for SSE 1.5.97

Skyrim particle patch for ENB


Skyrim has quite a few object meshes that have their shaders or blending properties set incorrectly. As a result, when using ENB many of these objects look buggy or react to an incorrect category in enbseries.ini.

Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • Particle Patch for ENB SSE.esp
  • meshes\clutter\deadanimals
  • meshes\magic\lightspellactorfx.nif

General World Improvement



This mod is A 2k texture replacement of Falmer Cave Ceiling Glowing.

Optional FilesBetterFalmerCaveCeilingGlow_Cyan

Stalhrim Source


This mod retextures the Stalhrim ore from the Dragonborn DLC.

Main FilesStalhrim Source 2K v3.1

Static Mesh Improvement Mod


This mod modifies many 3D models and textures to improve their appearance, fix many ugly seams, and to fix other oddities found in Skyrim.

Main FilesSMIM SE 2-08

Better Dynamic Snow SE


Better Dynamic Snow SE leverages the projected snow textures, adds new features and add even more immersion to give the world a much greater lived-in feel.

Miscellaneous FilesBetter Dynamic Snow SE v2.11.0

Better Dynamic Ash SE (official)


This mod replaces the default snow shader with a dynamic shader.

Main FilesBetter Dynamic Ash SE v2.1.1
  • Problem: BetterDynamicAsh-DisableRefs.esm Can be flagged as ESL but Ruddy88 doesn't auto flag.
  • Solution: Load Only BetterDynamicAsh-DisableRefs.esm Navigate to Record Flags and check esl.

Ruins Clutter Improved - Special Edition


This mod improves the various clutter throughout Skyrim's Dungeons.

Main FilesRuins_Clutter_Improved_SE_NMM_v3-1Update FilesFalmer Temple Chandelier
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\dungeons\imperial\PortcullisSmall01\impportcullissmall01.nif

Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K


This mod is a texture overhaul of all Skyrim architecture and many other things to match the theme.

Main FilesA. Noble Skyrim - FULL PACK_2KUpdate FilesNSM - SMIM Patch

MystiriousDawn's HD Skyrim Overhaul


Beautiful photorealistic textures for many things in Skyrim (148 textures) - Landscape overhaul, Farmhouses, Holds, Mountains, etc...

Main FilesHD Skyrim Overhaul - Mid Quality PackUpdate FilesNew Dirt02 and Road01 Textures

Northern Shores


Beach, shore and ocean floor textures in 8K. 4 & 2K versions available

Optional FilesNorthern Shores 2K

Spice of Life - Orc Strongholds SE


This mod improves Orc Longhouses.

Main FilesSpice of Life - Orc Longhouses

Skyrim 3D High Hrothgar Steps


This mod enhances the models and textures for the steps leading to High Hrothgar.

Main FilesSkyrim 3D High Hrothgar Steps

Better Signage - Inns and Shops


Better Signage - Inns and Shops improves the default signage for the city taverns and shops to make them more detailed and dimensional.

Main FilesBetter_Signage_1_0_1

Soul Cairn HD


This mod is a comprehensive overhaul of the Soul Cairn.

Main FilesSoul Cairn 2K
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\dlc01\soulcairn\sc_boneyardtower01.nif
  • meshes\dlc01\soulcairn\sc_mausoleumcolumn01.nif
  • textures\dlc01\soulcairn\
  • textures\dlc01\soulcairn\
  • textures\dlc01\soulcairn\
  • textures\dlc01\soulcairn\
  • textures\dlc01\soulcairn\

The guide currently doesn't use parallax so no need for any parallax textures.

Lighting Improvements

Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - Special Edition


This mod intends to adjust every type of lighting inside the Skyrim game so it will both look better with ENB and make it a lot easier to customize an ENB preset without ruining some parts of the games look. Which is the case with the vanilla Skyrim lighting in some parts depending on the ENB settings used.

Main FilesELE - SE v1.2.2Optional FilesELE SE - Cutting Room Floor patchOptional FilesELE SE - Falskaar patchOptional FilesELE SE - Helgen Reborn patch

ELE-ELFX Consistency Patch and Tweaks


This mod is a simple patch to help ELE and ELFX work nicely together.

Main FilesELE - ELFX Consistency Patch and Tweaks

Enhanced Lights and FX


Enhanced Lights and FX has the goal to create a more dramatic and realistic mood to the Skyrim lighting.

Main FilesEnhanced Lights and FX

ELFX Fixes


enhanced Lights and FX is a superb mod but has minor defects. ELFX Fixes aims to correct these small annoying problems.

Main FilesELFX Fixes

Unofficial Enhanced Lights and FX ELFX SMIM fps patch for SE


This mod is for those having a massive fps drop issue when you use the ELFX mod with the SMIM mod and ENB together.

Main FilesELFX SMIM ENB fps patch

Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon


Improves many files of the great SMIM Mod, providing visual upgrade.

Main FilesSmim - Quality Addon

Reduced Glow FX SE


This mod reduces the glow fx for a more natural feeling.

Main FilesReduced Glow FX SE

Remove Ugly Torch Glow Special Edition


This mod Removes static torch glow seen on, well, torches.

Main FilesRemove that glow SE

Improved Hearthfire Lighting SE


Just a quick mod to add dynamic lights to the Hearthfire houses.

Main FilesImproved Hearthfire Lighting SE

Lanterns Of Skyrim II


Lanterns of Skyrim II is a completely redesigned version of the old MannyGT LoS. This new edition includes many improvements and additions, more compatibility, improved light sources, snow-covered light posts and lanterns in snowy areas for a more immersive experience, all lanterns are moved by the wind and much much more........

Main FilesLanterns Of Skyrim II - FOMODVersion:4.0 Optional FilesLoS II - Fortified Whiterun patchVersion:4.0 Optional FilesLoS II - Obscure College of Winterhold patchVersion:4.0

Windhelm Brazier Replacer


Replaces the braziers in Windhelm.

Main FilesWindhelm Brazier Replacer

Lanterns Of Wyrmstooth (Unofficial LOS II addon for Wyrmstooth)


This mod brings the lanterns from Lanterns of Skyrim II to Wyrmstooth.

Main FilesLanterns Of Wyrmstooth
Special InstructionsWhen installing, set the main folder as the data directory, NOT "data_optional"

ENB Light


Light on grass at night! Unlimited shadowed light sources! Transform your Skyrim experience completely with ENB particle lights

Update FilesENB Light 0.98 Alpha 2Optional FilesRedesigned Candle Flame for ENB
Special InstructionsSpecial Installation Instructions:
  • You will receive a warning about Missing folders or file this is fine just hit Install Anyway.

Mesh Fixes

DynDOLOD Modders Resource Fixes


Adds various missing normal maps used by trees from Modders Resources. TexGen throws errors for models using a normal map, which it can not find. This adds those missing normals to let DynDOLOD do its magic.

Main FilesAll In One

Unofficial Material Fix


This mod aims to fix countless Material bugs in the vanilla game.

Main FilesUnofficial Material Fix

Assorted Mesh Fixes


This mod to fix various issues with vanilla Skyrim meshes that causes them to render incorrectly.

Main FilesAssorted Mesh Fixes

Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes


This mod corrects mesh and material errors not covered by any other mods.

Main FilesDlizzio's Mesh Fixes

Solstheim Objects SMIMed - High Poly Dark Elf Furniture


A SMIM-style improvement for Dark Elf furniture models.

Main FilesSolstheim Objects SMIMed - High Poly Dark Elf Furniture

Whiterun Mesh Fixes


This mod fixes various issues with meshes in Whiterun.

Main FilesWhiterun Mesh Fixes

City Retextures

Frankly HD Markarth - The White City Redux


This mod retextures the City of Markarth and Dwemer ruins.

Main FilesFrankly HD Markarth - The White City Redux _4K_1.1

Illustrious Whiterun SE


This mod retextures the City of Whiterun.

Optional FilesIllustrious Whiterun 4KUpdate FilesIllustrious Whiterun 4K UpdateOptional FilesIllustrious Whiterun Banners esl tagged esp
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • textures\architecture\whiterun\*

The guide currently doesn't use parallax so no need for any parallax textures.

Skyland - Solitude


Skyland Solitude offers a truly realistic texture overhaul to the city of Solitude and the Blue Palace along with surrounding areas such as the docks bridge and stone structures and gates along with the Dominion consulate.

Main FilesSkyland - Solitude

Skyland - Winterhold


See the College of Winterhold like you never have before with Skyland Winterhold. Retextured from the ground up in 2k/2k textures. Recreated with a blend of traditional and photogrammetry texturing techniques that deliver stunning, realistic textures up close and far away.

Main FilesSkyland - Winterhold

Dungeons and Ruins

Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture Special Edition


This mod is a 2K high-quality retexture of Snow Elf architecture, introduced in Dawnguard DLC.

Main FilesSSE 2K Textures

Underground - a dungeon texture overhaul


This mod is an ambitious dungeon retexturing project which starts with caves and nordic dungeons.

Main FilesUnderground FOMOD
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • textures\architecture
  • textures\clutter

Dwemer pipework reworked


Dwemer pipes are supposedly used as ventilation and a heating system - now they really are. Before there were fake exhaust holes drawn on the pipes, now these holes are real. Reworked meshes to have transparency and made them double-sided. Added animated fans inside, increased metal glossiness.

Main FilesDwemer Pipework Reworked 4Optional FilesDwemer Pipework Reworked - optional ENB LightsOptional FilesDwemer Pipework Reworked - dlc02 boiler with darker glow
Special InstructionsLaunch Cathedral Assets Optimizer, pick the SSE - Downsize Textures - 2K profile from the drop-down menu, then run the main file mod through Cathedral Assets Optimizer.

Clutter and Miscellaneous

Torture Rack


4K retexture of the torture rack with added environment map using the mesh from SMIM by BRUMBEK. Added 3D meshes to replace the flat rope and metal ring. Now has optional versions more dirty and bloody in appearance.

Main Files2K Torture RackOptional Files2K Dirty and Bloody

Animated Clutter SSE


This mod adds opening/closing animations to several objects that should be animated for the sake of greater realism.

Main FilesAnimated Clutter SSE
Special InstructionsDuring installation, MO2 may give a warning notice saying there are missing Files or Folders just click Install Anyway

Basic Dining Set Replacer


This mod replaces the dining set we often see in farmhouses or taverns in Skyrim.

Main FilesBasic Dining Set Replacer 1k

CC's Enhanced Ore Veins SSE Edition


This mod retextures ore veins and mined ore.

Main FilesEnhanced Ore Veins - 2K - 8.0Update FilesEnhanced Ore Veins - 8.0.1 - Patch

LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Talos Statue with Greatsword SE


A simple mesh replacer that gives the statue of Talos a Greatsword rather than that toothpick he was holding - for a more warrior-like Talos statue.

Main FilesLeanWolf's Better-Shaped Talos with Greatsword SE



This mod is a complete overhaul of the original vampire quest item. All new meshes and textures were created to fix the ugly distorted eyesore that was the original.


Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored


This mod improves the textures of the Dark Brotherhood Tenets.

Main FilesTenets Restored 1_3 - Extreme Edition

Dressed Hearthfire Doll


She was naked in the cold of Skyrim for a long time. Now she has a red one-piece dress and a new face for this old cloth doll.

Main FilesDressed Hearthfire Doll

EASIER LOCKPICKING - Without Cheating - Nordic Retexture


This mod retextures the locks in Skyrim to be more scratched and weathered looking as would be expected. This gives more visual reference points to remember lockpick placement. When a pick breaks, it's easier to find the spot to try again.

Main FilesEasier Lockpicking 1_2 - Nordic Locks

ElSopa - Papers HD SE


This mod retextures the paper used in books, letters, notes and journals.

Main FilesElSopa - Paper HD

Forgotten Retex Project


This mod retextures random clutter that is not covered elsewhere.

Main FilesForgotten Retex ProjectMiscellaneous FilesRealistic HD Woodcutter's Axe Remastered - Patches

Iconic's Remastered Paragon Gems Retexture


High quality remastered Paragon gems from the Forgotten Vale in the Dawnguard DLC.

Main FilesRemastered Paragon Gems

Rally's Smithy


Texture Replacer for Anvils, Blacksmith Hammers, Hot Iron Rods and Tongs.

Main FilesRally's Smithy

SD's Horn Candles SE


New custom meshes and custom textures for the game's horn candle.

Main FilesSD's Horn Candles SE 1k

JS Dragon Claws AE (Anniversary Edition)


Adds NEW models and textures for vanilla & third party Dragon Claws. Comes in 1k, 2k and 4k Resolutions. For Skyrim Special Edition.

Main FilesJS Dragon Claws AE Anniversary Edition - 4k

JS Instruments of Skyrim SE


This mod is a complete remake of the Lute, Flute & Drum.

Main FilesJS Instruments of Skyrim SE - 2k

JS Purses and Septims SE


A complete re-creation of Septims, Coin Purses and Coin Piles.

Main FilesJS Purses and Septims SE - FOMOD

Rustic Maps


Hi-res lore-friendly retexture of the two battle maps in Skyrim. Now you can read all the map information in game, if you choose the 4K version.

Main FilesRUSTIC MAPS - 4K-2K

Hold Border Banners


This mod adds banners along roadsides at the boundaries of two holds. The banner will show which hold is being entered. If unsure which hold the banner represents, simply target it and the name of the hold will appear.

Main FilesHold Border Banners
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • HoldBorderBanners.BSA (The textures from this mod are not required so you don't need to extract this BSA before deleting it.)

PELTAPALOOZA - Special Edition


This mod increases the number of pelts used by the game from the default 3 to 9 and adds new higher quality textures.

Main FilesPELTAPALOOZA Special Edition - FULL

Realistic HD Baskets Remastered


This mod improves the quality of the Basket textures.

Main FilesRealistic HD Baskets Remastered

Realistic HD Food Remastered


This mod improves the quality of the food textures.

Main FilesRealistic HD Food Remastered
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\clutter\food\cheesewedge02.nif
  • meshes\clutter\food\cheesewheel02a.nif
  • meshes\clutter\food\cheesewheel02b.nif

Realistic HD Mushrooms Remastered


This mod improves the texture quality of mushrooms.

Main FilesRealistic HD Mushrooms Remastered

High Poly Project


An on-going process to improve the models of the game with more polygons, UV edits or just replace them altogether. SMIM was the inspiration and the lack of similar mods led me to make this.

Main FilesHigh Poly Project
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\clutter\candles
  • meshes\clutter\wine\winebottle02b.nif
  • meshes\furniture\cart

JS Shrines of the Divines SE


Replaces vanilla divine shrines with completely remade, higher resolution versions.

Main FilesJS Shrines of the Divines SE - 4K

Retexture for Soup


This mod is a high quality retexture of the various soups in Skyrim.

Main FilesFor SMIM Mesh - Poor Version

Revamped Assets Skyrim


This mod gives new form, design, and definition to the vanilla assets of Skyrim whilst still respecting the original design scheme.

Main FilesRevamped Assets Skyrim - Ultra (FOMOD Package)
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\furniture\enchanting*.nif
  • meshes\furniture\workbenches\disenchantworkbench01.nif
  • meshes\furniture\workbenches\enchanting*.nif
  • meshes\loadscreenart\loadscreenenchantingworkbench.nif
  • textures\jiffymm\ras

RUGNAROK - Special Edition


This mod is a high-quality mesh and texture for all the rugs found throughout the game.

Main FilesRUGNAROK - Special Edition - 2K



This mod is a rustic overhaul of the alchemy and enchanting tables of Skyrim. The aim is to bring real antiquity to these arcane crafting tables as is fitting of their ancient origin.

Main FilesRUSTIC ALCHEMY and ENCHANTING TABLES 2KOptional FilesRetex of Revamped Alchemy Lab HD - 2K
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • textures\dungeons



This mod is a hi-res and lore-friendly retexture of Skyrim dinnerware, pottery, silverware/goldware, and wine bottles. The original color scheme was preserved for the most part. The pots, plates, and cups have the greens and golds of the Whiterun interiors, and the larger flowerpots and urns have the blue hues of Solitude and the Blue Palace, where those items are prominently featured.

Main FilesRUSTIC CLUTTER COLLECTION - Special Edition - 2K-1K

RUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition


This mod is a retexture of the cooking apparatus in its three versions: fire spit, stand, and pedestal. It includes retextures for the stew, cooked beef, cooked venison, and cooked goat.

Main FilesRUSTIC COOKING - Special Edition - 2K



RUSTIC FURNITURE - SPECIAL EDITION is a high-resolution retexture of the noble furniture and high chest for Skyrim. Available in 4K and 2K resolutions. A version is available for SMIM users with the SMIM noble chair textures included.




RUSTIC DRAGON CORPSE is a retexture of the dragon skeleton that is revealed after the Dovahkiin absorbs the dragon's soul.




This mod retextures the East Empire Signage.




This mod is a high-quality retexture of the ancient Elderscroll that features prominently as a quest item in both the main story and Dawnguard DLC.

Main FilesRUSTIC ELDERSCROLL - Special Edition - 4K-2K



This mod is a lore-friendly retexture of the potions and poisons found throughout Skyrim.


RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition


This mod features hi-res textures and modified meshes. The soul gems now have transparency and a subtle animated colour-shifting effect. Each soul gem has its own diffuse texture, rather than sharing textures as in the default version. The soul gem holders have also been retextured.

Main FilesRUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition - FOMOD - English Only

RUSTIC AZURA'S STAR - Special Edition


RUSTIC AZURA'S STAR - Special Edition is a hi-res retexture of the daedric artifact, Azura's Star.


Sigils of Skyrim - Banners


Welcome to a revamped, realistic, and complete Banner Retexture Project. The successor to "Designs of the Nords" now featuring all base game and DLC banners.

Main FilesSigils of Skyrim - Banners

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul


This mod spruces up Skyrim Clutter with some new HD furniture.

Main FilesSnazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul SEMain FilesSnazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul SE - PatchesOptional FilesSnazzy Vanilla Noble Chair Patch - SSEOptional FilesSnazzy Ancient Dwemer Display CasesOptional FilesSnazzy Weapon Plaque and Display Case Patch for Rustic Furniture

Solitude and Temple Frescoes SSE


This mod adds painted frescoes to the Temple of the Divines in Solitude

Main FilesSolitude Temple Frescoes
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • SolitudeTempleFrescoes.esp
  • SolitudeTempleFrescoesExpanded.esp
  • SolitudeTempleFrescoesSmall.esp

Stunning Statues of Skyrim


This mod is a high-quality meshes and texture for the statues of Skyrim.

Main FilesSSoS - Installer Fix

WiZkiD Hagraven Clutter and Bones


This mod replaces the texture of all the hagraven clutter and animal bones, including trophies with antlers that can be found hanging on the walls of many Skyrim buildings.

Main FilesWiZkiD Hagraven Clutter ad Bones

Collectables, Treasure Hunts, and Puzzles

Legacy of the Dragonborn BadGremlins Collection


This mod adds a collection of treasure and collectables for Legacy of The Dragonborn.


Skyrims Unique Treasures


This mod adds 100s of unique Items, Weapons, and Treasures.

Main FilesSkyrim Unique Treasures

Landscape and Environment

Glorious Doors of Skyrim (GDOS) SE


The mod overhaul all the main doors of all the major cities.

Main FilesGlorious Doors of Skyrim SEUpdate FilesGlorious Doors of Skyrim SE - Update 1.04

Embers HD


This is a small mod that makes embers found in various fire sources around the game world more aesthetically pleasing.

Main FilesEmbers HD
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\furniture\alchemyworkbench.nif
  • meshes\furniture\alchemyworkstation.nif
  • meshes\furniture\workbenches\alchemyworkstation01.nif

Pilgrims Delight - High Hrothgar Shrine Retextures


How sad it must be for the poor pilgrims to the shrines on the Throat of the World to have to spend all that time squinting at muddy, illegible textures on those plaques. Well, praise be Talos because the Imperial Heritage Society has just commissioned a renovation of the plaques, now in freshly-carved runes!

Main FilesPilgrim's Delight

Blended Roads


This improves the roads throughout Skyrim.

Main FilesBlended Roads

Blended Roads Redone SE


This improves the road textures added by Blended Roads.

Optional FilesBlended Roads Redone 2KOptional FilesBlended Roads Redone Bridges 2K

Misc. Blended Road Fixes


Fixes small issues when using Blended Roads.

Main FilesMisc. Blended Roads Fixes

Better Dynamic Snow and Blended Roads Integration


Applies Better Dynamic Snow shader over Blended Roads snowy roads.

Main FilesReally Blended Roads - ESL flaged

Rally's Solstheim Landscapes


This mod is a texture replacer for Solstheim Landscapes.

Main FilesRally's Solstheim Landscapes 2K

Rally's Raven Rock


This mod is a texture overhaul for Raven Rock in Solstheim.

Main FilesRally's Raven Rock

Rally's Riekling Outposts


This mod is a texture replacer for Riekling Outposts, including tents, stands, clutter and the Riekling Spears

Main FilesRallys Riekling Outposts 2K

Rally's Tel Mithryn


This mod is a texture replacer for Tel Mithryn

Main FilesRally's Tel Mithryn 4K

Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE


HQ texture overhaul of Nordic Ruins, with some UV tweaks, plus a new meshes and textures for a candles :)

Main FilesRudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE versionOptional FilesChests addonOptional FilesPots addon SE versionOptional FilesRuin Levers addon SE version
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes\clutter\ruins\ruinscandle*
  • meshes\clutter\ruins\ruinsfloorcandle*
  • meshes\dungeons\nordic\exterior\dragonbridge01.nif
  • Textures\clutter\
  • Textures\clutter\
  • Textures\effects
  • Textures\trap\
  • Textures\trap\

Septentrional Landscapes SE


Landscape textures made with 3D Scans. 8, 4 & 2K versions available.

Optional FilesSeptentrional Landscapes 2K

Northfire's Skidmarks SE 2K-4K


Texture replacer for the skidmark or big ditch that dragons make when they sometimes crash land.

Main FilesNorthfire's Skidmarks SE 2.0 4KOptional FilesNorthfire's Skidmarks SE ADDONS

aMidianBorn Buildings and Landscapes SE


A large collection of high-resolution replacements for many of Skyrim's landscape and building textures, including Caves, Mines, Imperial Forts, Farmhouses, Whiterun, and Solstheim.

Optional FilesaMidianBorn Buildings and Landscapes SE -- LOOSE FILES - INSTALLER
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • textures\architecture\farmhouse\pelt*.dds
  • textures\architecture\farmhouse\



RUSTIC RELIEFS is a collection of several of my Skyrim LE mods. This package includes the textures for RUSTIC MONUMENTS & TOMBSTONES, RUSTIC NORDIC MURALS, RUSTIC STANDING STONES, and RUSTIC WORD WALLS.


Northfire's Castle Volkihar


This mod retextures Castle Volkihar.

Main FilesNorthfire's Castle Volkihar



This mod improves the textures of Windows throughout Skyrim.

Main FilesRUSTIC WINDOWS - Special Edition - 2K

Skyrim Landscape Overhaul - Stone Walls


This mod is a mesh and texture replacer for the freestanding stone walls in Skyrim (like the ones along the road outside Riverwood.

Main FilesSkyrim Landscape Overhaul - Stone Walls (All-In-One FOMOD Installer)



This mod replaces and adds more unique and diverse textures, than the usual 3 used by the vanilla game, to spider webs, cobwebs and egg sacs placements throughout the entire game world.

Main FilesWEBS SE x2048Optional FilesWEBS SE lighting mod patch

SD's Farmhouse Fences SE


Tired of those badly aliased fences that you find in farms and towns? Well this mod will fix that! Fences of Skyrim replaces those ugly vanilla fences with new ones that will not flicker from a distance!

Main Files2k Farmhouse Fences SE Version 2

Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes


This mod corrects numerous graphic glitches around Tamriel worldspace, it also helps to relieve your obsessive-compulsive disorder ;)

Main FilesSkyrim Landscape and Water Fixes - FOMOD


Majestic Mountains - Cathedral Concept


This mod improves the textures of mountains.

Main Files2. Majestic Mountains DarksideUpdate FilesMajestic Mountains - Mesh Tangent Space FixesOptional FilesDynDoLod V 3.0 Lod pack (all versions)
  • Problem: MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm Can be flagged as ESL but Ruddy88 doesn't auto flag.
  • Solution: Load Only MajesticMountains_Landscape.esm Navigate to Record Flags and check esl.

Majestic Mountains - Northside


A retexture of Majestic Mountains combining several textures from different Majestic Mountains versions and Northfire's Photoreal Mountains to achieve convincing landscape blending, minimal tiling, and interesting definition up close. Now includes the original dark textures in the FOMOD.

Main FilesMajestic Mountains - Northside

Mountains - Majestic Mountains-BDS With LOD Fix


A fix for Majestic Mountains as a replacer .esp to work with Better Dynamic Snow + a LOD fix that makes it much better when using custom snow mods.

Main FilesMajestic Mountains-BDS-LOD Fix

Ice and Snow

No snow under the roof

    EXTRACT THE BSA LOOT xEdit -- Quick Auto Clean

This mod adds 3d snow on snow covered farms and removes the snow from under the roofs.

Main FilesNo Snow Under The Roof 3.2
  • Problem: Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp contains 5 UDR's (Undeleted References) and 59 ITM (Identical to Master Record).
  • Solution: Load Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp using the SSEEDIT - Quick Auto Clean of SSEEdit and let it clean the mod as you would the base ESMs.

Cutting Room Floor - No Snow Under the Roof SE


Compatibility patch for Cutting Room Floor and No Snow Under The Roof.

Main FilesCutting Room Floor - No Snow Under the Roof

No Snow Under the roof - Hall of the Vigilant fix


This Mod tries to fix several bug’s still present in “No Snow Under the roof” Mod v3.2 by Prometheus.

Main FilesNSUTR_Bug_fixesOptional FilesNSUTR_Bug_fixes-static_objects_hotfixes

Northern Ice


A new glacier and ice cave mod.

Main FilesNorthern Ice
  • Problem: NorthernIce.esp Can be flagged as ESL but Ruddy88 doesn't auto flag.
  • Solution: Load Only NorthernIce.esp Navigate to Record Flags and check esl.

Hyperborean Snow

Optional FilesHyperborean Snow 2K




This mod retextures the blurry drops which are seen dripping in dungeons and caves.

Main FilesDROPS v3 x512Optional FilesDROPS v1 ALT x512

Realistic Water Two SE


This is Realistic Water Textures revived and remade from scratch. New water surface textures were carefully crafted in an attempt to imitate the fluid motion of water. Lake, pond, river and ocean water are now visually and aurally distinct from each other. Various water effects have also been modified.

Main FilesRealistic Water Two SE v5.0.0
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • textures\effects\
  • textures\effects\
  • textures\effects\

Realistic Water Two Patch Hub


An official patch hub for Realistic Water Two.

Miscellaneous FilesFalskaar Patch Version:5.0Miscellaneous FilesWyrmstooth PatchVersion:5.0

Better Water - for Realistic Water Two


This mod aims to improve the realism of Skyrim's waters by improving that water textures added by the Realistic Water.

Main FilesBetter Water - BC7

Bright Waterfall Fix for ENB


Fixes the overblown waterfalls when using ENB. Now includes Bright Snow Fix and other bright particle fixes.

Main FilesBright Waterfall Fix for Realistic Water Two

Mesh Fixes Patches

Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes - Optionals


This mod adds various optional patches for Dlizzio's Mesh Fixes.

Optional FilesHD LODs Textures SE Mesh Fix - v1.0Optional FilesNoble Skyrim Material Fix - v1.0

Mesh Patch for Various Mods


This mod is simply some mesh conflict resolution patches.

Main FilesSkyrim Particle Patch for ENB - ELFX - Unofficial Material Fix PatchMain FilesUnofficial Material Fix - Assorted Mesh Fixes PatchMain FilesSMIM - Quality Addon - Unofficial Material Fix PatchMain FilesSMIM - Assorted Mesh Fixes PatchMain FilesAssorted Mesh Fixes - SMIM - Really Blended Roads PatchMain FilesDlizzio's Mesh Fixes - Assorted Mesh Fixes Patch

Unofficial Material Fix - Optionals


This mod adds various optional patches for Unofficial Material Fix.

Optional FilesUnofficial Material Fix - High Poly Project patch - Patch-High-Poly-Project-1.1.0Optional FilesUnofficial Material Fix - Stunning Statues of Skyrim patch - pSSos-1.1.0
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s) from Unofficial Material Fix - High Poly Project patch - Patch-High-Poly-Project:
  • meshes\clutter\shrines

Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes


This mod is a tiny fix for some of Shalidor's Maze's issues

Main FilesLabyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes

Trees and Flora

Alpine Forest of Whiterun Valley


Adds trees to the valley west of Whiterun. Designed for performance. Compatible with an extensive number of mods. Based on The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold.

Main FilesAlpine Forest of Whiterun Valley

YAWTO - Yet Another Whiterun Tree Overhaul


YAWTO adds around 150 trees to Whiterun.

Main FilesYAWTO - Aspens - Lexy's

Enhanced Landscapes


Enhanced Landscapes is a project which aims to improve Skyrim's landscape.

Old FilesMain File v1.65
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • Enhanced Landscapes.esp
  • Enhanced Landscapes - Dead Marsh.esp (Use this replacer ESP Instead)
  • meshes\mushroom
  • meshes\road
  • meshes\volcanic
  • meshes\waterplants
  • textures\plants
  • textures\sheogorad
  • textures\volcanic
  • textures\vvardenfell

All we want from this mod is the area that covers the marsh around Morthal so it is easier for me to provide a replacer plugin.

Bent Pines II


Bent Pines places some very large bent pines on the tundra to make it look somewhat more interesting and epic.

Main FilesBent Pines II

Enhanced Landscapes - Oaks Standalone SSE - Marsh Pines - Dilon Vul


This mod adds Oaks trees to the area around Solitude.

Optional FilesELOS Oaks Autumnal Colours SSE
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • Meshes\DynDOLOD

Enhanced Vanilla Trees SE


This mod Improves the textures of trees and makes them bigger.

Main FilesEnhanced Vanilla Trees SE-Custom Trees 4K

Realistic Aspen Trees SE


This mod retextures aspen trees for a more realistic and diverse look. Yellow, orange and red colours.

Old FilesRealistic Aspen Trees 3.6se
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • meshes folder
  • textures\terrain\LODGen

Reach Tree Reborn


This mod retextures Reach Trees.

Main FilesReach Trees Reborn 1.0Miscellaneous FilesReach Trees Reborn 1.0 Hotfix Fix

Mari's flora


HD plants pack

Main FilesMari's flora - Medium
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • textures\plants\
  • textures\plants\
  • textures\plants\
  • textures\plants\

Sufficiently Optimized Snowberries 3D


A berry nice mesh and texture replacer for snowberries

Main FilesSufficiently Optimized Snowberries 3D FOMOD

Rally's Blackreach Mushrooms


Replaces the texture of the small and big mushrooms in Blackreach, also retextures the glowing mushrooms.

Main FilesRallys Blackreach and Glowing Mushrooms 4K-2K

Rally's Solstheim Plants


This mod is a texture replacer for 6 different plants in Solstheim. It covers Mushroom Trees, Ashyam, Creep Cluster, Trama Root, Scathecraw and Hanging Moss

Main FilesRally's Solstheim Plants 2KOptional FilesRally's Creep Cluster for Skyrim 2K

Rally's Hanging Moss


Replaces hanging moss with new vine and moss textures.

Main FilesRallys Hanging Moss - Desaturated

Immersive Fallen Trees SSE


Immersive Fallen Trees is a mod that adds more fallen trees all over Skyrim for a beautiful amd immersive experience. You'll find them most commonly on rivers, or in canyons.

Main FilesImmersive Fallen Trees SSE

Immersive Fallen Trees Patch


Fixes a handful of Immersive Fallen Trees wild edits.

Main FilesImmersive Fallen Trees Patch


Veydosebrom Regions


Fills the landscape of Skyrim with beautiful combinations of grasses for a lush and vivid experience.

Main FilesVeydosebrom RegionsOptional FilesFall Forest - Regional Vegetation Pack

No Grassias - A Universal Grass Fix For Grass Mods


This is a grass fix for overgrown grass and grass clipping issues caused by grass mods adding grass to land textures that aren't supposed to have grass.

Main FilesNoGrassias

Landscape Fixes For Grass Mods

    LOOT zMerge

This mod changes the landscape by reducing grass clipping through objects and restoring lost details.

Main FilesLandscape Fixes For Grass ModsOptional FilesImmersive Citizens v0.4 PatchOptional FilesPatch for Helgen RebornOptional FilesPatch for Moon and StarOptional FilesPatches for Arthmoor's Town add-onsOptional Filesz Vanilla Military Camps

No grass in caves


This mod removes grass in a few caves.

Main FilesNo Grass In Caves (ELE) Enhanced Lighting for ENB patch

No Grass In Objects


Stops grass from growing out of rocks, floorboards, bedrolls, crates, roads and other objects. Also allows drawing grass outside of loaded cells.

Main FilesGrass Control v8


Immersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass SE


A new Dayspring Pass entrance (NO MORE TINY CAVE!!).

Main FilesImmersive Dawnguard Dayspring Pass (IDDP)Optional FilesIDDP - ELFX Patch

Skyrim Sewers


This mod adds sewer systems to Solitude, Whiterun & Windhelm and a couple of forts.

Main FilesSkyrim Sewers 415

Northern Marsh Bridges


This mod adds several wooden bridges across the northern marshlands of Hjaalmarch.

Main FilesNorthern Marsh Bridges SE

Tactical Valtheim SSE


Tactical Valtheim is a redesign of Valtheim Towers into Valtheim Keep. I've built on and around the original Valtheim, trying to make it into an actual fortress while maintaining something like the original atmosphere and style.

Main FilesTactical Valtheim Installer

Serenity - A Silent Moons Camp Overhaul


A mod to make Silent Moons Camp into a larger bandit camp to sate my lust for forts and towers, as well as making the lunar enchantment and forge better, and make Silent Moons Camp claimable.

Main FilesSerenity Installer
Special InstructionsDelete the following file(s) and/or folder(s):
  • LunarWeapons.esp

Stendarr Rising - The Hall of the Vigilant Rebuild


The vicious vampire attack on the Vigil of Stendarr has left their Hall a smoking ruin. Take control of the destroyed Hall, clear the rubble, relight the forge and resurrect a new Hall from the ashes. Build fortified defences and recruit new Vigilants to man the ramparts and defend against vampire raids.

Main FilesStendarr Rising



Bring order to a chaotic world, making a real difference in Skyrim as you go about saving it. Claim bandit strongholds for the faction of your choice to keep the bandits from coming back, making Skyrim a safer place.

Main FilesLawbringer Installer

Engorged Robber's Gorge - A Lawbringer Module


Expands the bandit camp at Robber's Gorge with more fortifications and more enemies. The location can now be claimed for Hjaalmarch hold or either side of the civil war, as part of the Lawbringer framework.

Main FilesEngorged Robber's Gorge

Quests Are In Skyrim


This mod makes it so radiant quests no longer send you to locations outside of the province of Skyrim.

Main Files QuestsAreInSkyrim_USSEP_1_2_reupload

Even Better Quest Objectives - Quests Are In Skyrim USSEP Patch


A patch to resolve quest conflicts between Even Better Quest Objectives and Quests Are In Skyrim USSEP.

Main FilesEven Better Quest Objectives - Quests Are In Skyrim USSEP Patch (ESP-FE)

The Flying Knight


This mod An honorary tavern made after the death of a well-loved member of Lexy's community, Knight Flier.

Main FilesThe Flying Knight

Unique Border Gates SE


Unique Border Gates redesigns the border crossings of Cyrodill, Hammerfell and Morrowind by adding new, unique and immersive gates. No two are alike and I believe the design reflects the area well.

Main FilesUnique Border Gates AllOptional FilesUnique Border Gates All - Better DG Entrance - PatchOptional FilesUnique Border Gates All - Point The Way - Patch
  • Problem: Wrye Bash sometimes spews out an error on Unique Border Gates All - Point The Way - Patch when creating the Bash Patch.
  • Solution: Load and resave UniqueBorderGates-All-PointTheWay.esp in the Creation Kit. This should stop Wrye Bash complaining.

Immersive Hold Borders SSE Fixed


AI, navmesh and pathing for: Immersive hold borders SSE and Hold Borders Consistency Patch

Optional FilesImmersive Hold Borders Fixed Standalone

Whiterun Watchtower Doesn't Start Broken

    xEdit -- Quick Auto Clean

Do you delay the coming of the dragons? Annoyed that the tower is broken right from the beginning before dragons even appear? This mod is for you!

Main FilesNo Broken Whiterun Watchtower - ESL
  • Problem: NoBrokenWhiterunTower.esp contains UDR's (Undeleted References).
  • Solution: Load NoBrokenWhiterunTower.esp using the SSEEDIT - Quick Auto Clean and let it clean the mod as you would the base ESMs.


Alternate Summoning Visuals

Main FilesAlternate Summoning Visuals NO ESP

Deadly Spell Impacts


This mod adds fire, lightning, and frost spell impacts with their own unique textures.

Main FilesDeadly Spell Impacts v1_70

Enhanced Blood Textures SE


This mod makes a bloodier combat experience for both player and npcs with higher resolution and detailed textures with additional features such as decapitated spasms, blood drops when low health, blood pools, green blood for spiders and oil for machines.

Main FilesEnhanced Blood Textures SE


Improved Weapon Impact EFFECTS Correct Metal SE


Just a small mod to change that annoying dust to metal sparkles for all weapons hits.

Main FilesSparkles

Inferno - Fire Effects Redux


Spiritual successor to the original Ultimate HD Fire Effects mod by rheadude with properly working meshes and applied effect textures.

Main FilesInferno - Fire Effects Redux